Share information within and outside the organization

A lot of information is still shared with colleagues through Excel or PDF files. Which are then also shared with external interested parties. Creating, sharing and maintaining this is often a lot of work and also entails the necessary risks. A mistake with sharing sensitive data is easily made, in addition, the topicality of the report is not always the same for everyone and, finally, interpretation of the figures also plays an important role.

We can fix this challenge for your company in weeks. For example through the use of Power BI in combination with our LinkThings Analytics portal. The combination of these makes it possible to create one or more reports / dashboards and make this available to colleagues or external stakeholders.

In this way all involved have up-to-date insight, there can be no confusion regarding interpretation and the reports no longer have to be shared manually. Curious how this works in practice? We are happy to come by for a presentation!