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The specialist in composing tailor made solutions for your transportation needs.

A total transportation package, with personalised service at competitive rates. For international freight forwarding by sea, air and road including warehousing and distribution, customs declarations (import, export and transit) and supply chain management and reverse logistics. With worldwide service through an integratedagency network.

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RBG Africa Logistics is our freight forwarding agent based in Mozambique.

Founded in 2008 with the acquisition of Indico Logistics Lda., RBG Africa Logistics has become a leader in forwarding services in South-East Africa. With an office near the port of Beira, Africa Logistics tends to customers looking to export from mining countries located in Mozambique’s hinterland.

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Under the name of Container Clearing International (CCI) we have developed a logistical framework for container transport that enhances container trucking, inland shipping and transport by rail.

CCI was founded in 1968 and has offices in the ports ofAntwerp and Rotterdam that can arrange all required documentation (customs transit documents, clearances, delivery orders, etcetera).

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With 10,000 m2 of storage space at two strategic locations in the Rotterdam harbour, Burger Warehousing is an excellent solution for the inbound, storage and outbound (pick & pack and order fulfilment) of your goods.

Burger Warehousing is all about efficiency in terms of costs and time, as well as optimising your supply chain. Our team of professionals is at your disposal to arrange all warehousing activities from A to Z. We are adaptive, transparent and flexible in finding non-standard solutions. With one goal in mind: optimizing your supply chain, by any means necessary.

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Burger Marine Forwarding is a specialized freight forwarder, located in the port of Rotterdam (Waalhaven). We know the urgency of having your technical spare parts on board, correct and on-time.

Giving you the best dedicated service is our goal. We are a freight forwarder that is specialized in last minute & last mile deliveries to your vessels, berthing in the ARA region. Another option is to forward your shipment by air, sea or road to any port globally. Due to our network of agencies we are able to deliver direct on board. Our 24/7 available dedicated team, bonded warehouse and the customer friendly IT system, are ready to receive your technical spare parts.


Royal Burger Group is a privately owned company, with its headquarters in the Netherlands.

The group consists of three offices in three countries – the Netherlands, Belgium, and Mozambique. We are continuously looking for opportunities to expand our unique network. Our strength lies in the dedication, skills and the knowledge of our staff. Highly experienced specialists that together provide a wide range of services to ensure that your freight is transported quickly and efficiently to, from and through Europe and around the world.

OUr History

In 1772 the Burger name was recorded in the annals of shipping agencies for the very first time. The company name was changed to Burger & Sons in 1805. In 1837 the company acquired the agency of a liner service between Scotland and England. Steam vessels were a big breakthrough for the entire shipping world and Burger also benefitted from this success.

As from 1850 many liner services with steam vessels were handled by the shipping agent. In the first half of the nineteenth century Burger was not only a shipping agent but also a carrier with sailing ships. In 1880 it was decided to focus more on agencies. In 1906 Burger obtained the agency for the Finland-Line. There were liner services from India and Pakistan to Rotterdam (carrier Clan Line) and the trade from Rotterdam to Canada resulted in a Transatlantic service of the County Line, being a principal of Burger.

Burger had become an agent of carriers sailing the great oceans. Many technological developments and inventions during the war caused a true revolution for the world of transport in the post war years. For example, the introduction of forklift trucks and the use of pallets during the loading and discharging of vessels made the port throughput a lot more efficient.

The use of containers also brought an important transition to the original profession of the shipping agent. A division in the seventies between the agencies for conventional ships and container vessels was deemed necessary due to the procedures for the customers being different.