CDMS: An Operating System That Has Streamlined Operations at the Port Of Beira

Cornelder de Moçambique introduced a new electronic system called Cornelder Document Management System (CDMS) in June this year.
Conceived and developed by the employees of Cornelder’s IT Department, CDMS has made it possible for documents that were previously submitted, processed, and approved manually and in person, to go through all these steps using only the Internet, thereby giving greater flexibility to administrative processes, shorter lead times, besides being ecologically sustainable, since it reduces the use of paper.

Among the multiple advantages that this system offers, the following stand out: (1) the electronic submission of forms and documents; (2) the electronic approval of documents referring to all import and export processes; (3) email notification of the status of submitted and/or approved processes.
The system also allows for the possibility of digitally filing documents and correspondence exchanged between Cornelder and its customers. Cornelder and existing customers are satisfied with the operational improvements that the CDMS has brought to the port. This is another action that helps us to build a Modern Port!